Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shhhhhhhh! The Car May Be Listening

We were invited to our friend's house to watch the Superbowl on Monday night, and there was some great food, and drink, and grand good friends. The game was on in the great room, and the girls were in the kitchen schmoozing, when the car alam went off. When we finally figured out that is was our aging Toyota Highlander, Banker Bill punched the "unlock" button and the noise stopped. We all went back to our occupations.

But about ten minutes later, it started to go off again. This time, we went outside, looked it over - opened the doors and searched inside and out, but we couldn't find anything that would trip the alarm.

The next day, we went to work out, and the alarm went off. Then we went to eat breakfast, and the alarm went off. We went to Home Depot, and the alarm went off. Finally, we called the mechanic. We took the car to him, parked it in his work bay, went into the office, and the alarm went off. We smiled to ourselves....A-ha! Now he can see that we're not idiots (it's not self-evident).

He searched in the Owner's Manual - nothing. He searched on the Internet - nothing. Finally, he began a search of the cabin for the alarm mechanism. After a lengthy search, he removed the glove box, and there was a little silver dial, and........a microphone.

I was stunned. What has my car been listening to?

Now, I'm well aware of what it's heard:
Banker Bill and I squabbling while we moved to the north shore from New Orleans. Countless cell phone calls to me from the girls that started something like this "No, you can't substitute butter and milk for buttermilk..." And countless calls to Banker Bill from clients that went something like this: "Hey there! Yes, we can provide that Letter of Credit, but the bank in Shanghai..." Most of the time it heard the local PBS station and "All Things Considered." It would go on forever, a litany of the boring an mundane. Why would the automotive manufacturer think the car needed to hear anything?

Here's what I think it OUGHT to hear:
Bill's Garmin. If it could hear, "Turn left in 200 feet. In 200 feet, turn left!" then I wouldn't have to listen to it. Maybe the car would listen better than Banker Bill, and we wouldn't also have to listen to..."RE-CALCULATING!" And what's with that attitude? It's not like she has something better to be doing....

The traffic and weather report. That way, it could tell me to fill up the washer fluid, and make sure there's an umbrella in the back seat. I forget these things on a regular basis, and I need them both: when the windshield smudges up in the first drops of rain, I have to hold my head out the driver's side window to steer until it rains hard enough to wash the windshield off. By then, I'm soaked.

The only problem with the invention of a "listening car" is that the next one will probably talk back. I have enough of that in my life, thank you....RE-CALCULATING!

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Katie said...

What do you mean you can't use butter and milk? That just makes no sense at all...but definately explains that fried chicken fiasco!!